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Greatly coupling Scarf up the entire upper body, covered monotonous black jacket. Arbitrary legal systems allow full layered scarves, shoelaces seems that in addition, the body’s most complex, it was only this scarf. Maroon lace boots retro trend of this year’s, with black jeans play appropriate decorative effect without publicity. Hollywood’s hottest star stylist will of course best shape for themselves. Black one somewhat heavy, fringed bag good sense of light and increase travel between the folds with a pair of high-heeled boots, handsome. Known as the new generation of Kate Moss (KateMoss) of – Whitlie certainly will not let us down. With the color of black leggings with boots, legs very slender build. Upper body fur plus body, more temperament. Sienna Miller LOOK definitely been our positive textbooks. This is a fairly low-key but ordinary dress highlights her legs straight and no one can. Large exposed Xiangjian collar, worn shenanigans. Let’s continue with a simple pair of jeans and black boots, so that an increase of more than sexy intimacy. so far this winter dress fairly uniform, loose sweater with boots, giving mature woman intellectual taste. Basic jeans paired with mesh-type boots, light heaviness disappear immediately looked up. Big coat irregular hem is very elegant, black jeans and boots mixed into one, very thin. Loose gray jacket with black pants upper body can not only block the fat, thin legs and a contrast, it is both. Snow boots and jeans with is not really tall, but thick boots and legs a comparison immediately amplified slim. Full of passion of love as Christmas and New Year around the corner, at the end of 2010, this cozy, so you turn to lead COACH dream-like and colorful holiday gift it! Whether Shuyuan elegant gentleman beloved bag, or Party Animal who coveted handbag charm, lively and playful, fun and fulfilling Yihuo pendant, and even for the middle of winter gift style scarf sunglasses and other fashion accessories, another can not be ignored is every woman have paid attention to shoes, a pair of heart-warming footwear will make your seasonal moment of warmth. autumn weather began to turn cold, ladies boots becoming hot pet out of a single product! 2010 high boots flourishing: rock style or have lovely blend of style uniform style buckle style handsome pressing; lightweight Tall boots amplified lovely; there is high-grade leather, simple and practical models to provide multiple options for ladies, It can also let itself hobby interesting and varied style, not Miya? Taylor – Mawson classic tartan coat Buzz trend of the wind, fishnet stockings sexy knee boots, a pair of high-heeled knee boots either tone or style and the overall mix is ​​very coordinated, and legs look thin lines show long, really it is a seductive knee boots LOOK.

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2015, adapted from the classic fairy tale of the same name from the live-action movie version of “Cinderella” released soon. The film will be the 1950 Walt Disney animated classics once again demonstrated the enduring image of the big screen, to show the audience a new generation of gorgeous eye-catching visual feast. In addition, another highlight of the film is the film fine elegant fashion elements, complicated beautifully into the classical charm chic trendy modern elements meet all fairy tale fantasy imagination.
Disney choose Ferragamo cooperation with SandyPowell, together for Ms. Cui Meien Cinderella’s stepmother (played by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett) to create footwear. This is definitely a challenging work: when shoe master met Oscar actress Kate Blanchett plays vicious stepmother, everything is so full of hope. Costume designer Sandy Powell mentioned: “I am very honored, and Ferragamo have teamed up for the legendary” Mrs. Cinderella “in 崔梅恩 create footwear to see my design in such exquisite craftsmanship carving, glow. vitality, both exciting but also very inspiring. “Sandy Powell and Salvatore Ferragamo creative director Massimiliano Giornetti closely together to produce a variety of colors and materials of high-heeled shoes, lace shoes and boots. All footwear crafted by, for extremely fine detail, demonstrates Ferragamo’s historic excellence of craftsmanship – a unique way to brand the fine tradition and modern design perfectly combines. Bei Li Gaer Mongolia Mongolian traditional boots are boots. According to the researchers say, it comes from the 13th century, because people with manufacturing Bei Li Gaer made of leather, it becomes Bei Li Gaer boots. Its main material is horsehide, as well as with the skins, skin made of ordinary shepherd, you can have a pair of boots Bei Li Gaer is an honorable thing. However, with the change of clothing culture, whether in the pastoral areas, or in the town, wearing boots Polo fewer and fewer people. Martin boots sub-culture has always been a symbol of the originator of street fashion, fashion culture is indispensable codes. Martin boots sturdy and durable, even if it has become very old and very old at the foot, or still beautiful, it feels like an intimate friend.
    Dr. Martin (Dr.Martens) is a very interesting sounding brand name, the birth of the brand is full of legendary. 1945 Germany, a man named Klaus Martin (Klaus Martens) doctor in the Alpine ski when accidentally broke his foot. In the rehabilitation process, in order to walk when the legs a little easier, Klaus Martin and his friends in the tire rubber material poured into the air in, developed a “air cushion soles.” After that, they will be registered with this design, designed for those who have low back pain or Tuiji German women health shoes production. In 1959, it began selling the shoes in Europe. So Martin and his friends decided to sell this design British R.Griggs group, this group in the production of military shoes, work shoes and a long history of technical skills.
    Martin boots there is the biggest advantage: even if it has become very old and very old at your feet, still will be very beautiful. Because the relationship between the skin, Martin boots material is very strong and very flexible, over many years, will wear boots with more master leg. So Martin boots to the final shape of each person is different, it looks like your friend

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Sept. 2 news, the internationally renowned German Martin boots brand Dr.Martens cooperation with personalized technical support provider Sailthru, on “strong marketing” model for online consumers to create a personalized shopping experience. It is reported that bilateral cooperation will be for three years. Sailthru will establish an independent database of customer perspective, through various channels of customer data analysis, commodity further sales forecasts, and guide the production, allowing users to have a higher participation. Brogan Savage Dr.Martens global digital marketing director, said: “Every consumer is a separate individual, mass production is no longer adapt to the development of the times, therefore, the company will adjust the online retail strategy, the real ‘strong marketing’.” Speaking when technical support provider, which represents, Sailthru is undoubtedly the best choice. “Sailthru created from the beginning to focus on modern marketing services, unlike other enterprises to expand business through acquisitions. The lack of such a positive Dr.Martens user engagement to enhance the capacity of a single data analysis in a comprehensive assessment after more than a recognized leader in marketing services provider, we chose Sailthru. “it is understood, Dr.Martens but had its 80-hole Martin boots 1460 classic is remembered. Thereafter, it will be based on consumer browsing behavior analysis, introduction of personalized e-mail push solutions and solutions offered by Sailthru to complete the consumer shopping behavior prediction. Sailthru founder Neil Capel pointed out that now, for the brand is important to understand the individual needs of consumers. “This is our consumers to create a personalized shopping experience an important step. Meanwhile, thanks to sophisticated consumers personalized consciousness, Dr.Martens may well be the perfect combination and purchase intentions. We will continue in the future global digital marketing to go further. “clarks said the total of 215 entry-select product (covering the whole category of products) to participate in the price. “We were chosen in mainland China’s most popular product lines.” clarks said in a statement. From the channel perspective, the price will be synchronized to the electricity supplier channels. clarks official electricity supplier sales channels (clarks Chinese official website, the official flagship store Lynx Mall and Jingdong Mall official flagship store) price adjustment will be synchronized with the offline store (except in special online promotion and online sale of goods specified). clarks current official price of Mainland China and the United States official website price comparison huge gap between the “Berry Miss Mao Yiti bow sheepskin snow boots” for example, China is priced at 2200 yuan, but in the US for $ 205 (about 1308 yuan ) can be purchased. However, the price on specific amplitude, clarks differ depending on the product and not only that, etc. Other companies are not involved in the price of products, it does not determine whether the future will be price adjustment plan. In addition to China’s price becomes cheaper outside, clarks also carried out on the shape of reform – the design of the latest clarks shoes wrist parts are lighter and more slender than ever before, the official said it is to make boots “fashion and slimmer.”